Rental Pocket WiFi

Rent a Pocket WiFi

From 120 days.
261Mbps Model 5,650 JPY/30 days

Fast Mobile WiFi
Connection in Japan


261Mbps Model

Rent a Pocket WiFi (HOTSPOT or MiFi) for Internet access in Japan.

The Pocket WiFi (HOTSPOT or MiFi) is a center of personal connection device and an ideal mobile
broadband solution for iPad or laptop users who need high-speed wireless connection,
anytime and anywhere in Japan.

Simply by turning on the WiFi, you can enjoy high-speed mobile broadband network on the spot,
without carrying a bulk of internet cables. The Pocket WiFi (HOTSPOT or MiFi) can automatically create group internet access
and individual WiFi HOTSPOTs; wirelessly connect to various devices such as iPads, laptops, digital cameras, iPhones,
Android phones and PSPs; and transfer pictures.

The Pocket WiFi (HOTSPOT or MiFi) fits easily into your pocket or handbag, allowing WiFi connection at your fingertip.

Learn more about the WiFi environment in Japan HERE

Your benefits with our long term Pocket WiFi rental service in Japan


  Download 261Mbps/Upload 10Mbps (best effort basis)
(Y!mobile 504HW)
Size (W×H×D)



157g/5.5 ounces


6 hours of continuous work

WiFi MiFi
Communication Speed

Down Max : 261Mbps
Up Max : 10Mbps
Connected up to 10 devices at the same time

IEEE802.11 a/b/g/n/ac

WiFi MiFi
Supported Devices
iPad, Laptop (Windows or Mac), iPhone, Android, iPod Touch, PSP, and any other WiFi Devices
Limitation The WiFi provides unlimited data access with Advanced mode. However, it has a 7GB data limit with Standard mode and connection will be throttled once exceeded. If you purchase extra data to release the limitation, you will be charged the overage fee. Please Do Not Use Standard mode.


Which WiFi / Pocket WiFi vendor is the best for your long stay in Japan : Y!mobile, au, UQ WiMAX ?

Y!mobile is the best pocket WiFi Share in Japan.

Pocket wifi Share in Japan

Comparison of main pocket WiFi rental companies in Japan ( 5:Best, 1:Poor )

WiFi provider  Rental company Speed Rental Price Coverage
Y!mobile GAC 5 5 4
au R 4.5 4.5 4
UQ WIMAX R 4.5 2 4

Pocket WiFi Rental Plan

Rental WiFi / MiFi Fee

Pocket WiFi Rental Fee excluding delivery fee

  30 days Pocket WiFi Rental
Y!mobile 504HW / 261Mbps with Advanced mode 5,650 JPY / 30 DAYS

Extra Battery for Pocket WiFi 261Mbps Model

Wifi Battery

To extend the battery life of your pocket WiFi, we recommend you to rent an extra battery, which will allow you to use it 7 to 9 hours.

Extra battery rental fee is 540 yen/30 days. It is rechargeable. You do not need Dry Battery.

Rental Process


When you rent something from us, you will receive the rental items and a prepaid return envelope. To return the device to us, please place all rental items into the prepaid return envelope, seal it, and then drop it in any mailbox. You will easily find mailboxes all around Japan, as well as in the airport before the security gates. You do not have to directly return the rental items to our office counter. If you have any questions, please contact us.

How To Return Instructions PDF

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