Long term rental
Pocket WiFi, iPhone, Android

for extended stay in Japan

For Business or Study in Japan

Pocket WiFi / iPhone / Android

Why we provide this rental service

Purchasing WiFi service is nearly impossible without an over two year VISA due to minimum contract length.

Using short term rental is too expensive.

Terminating the contract early incurs a penalty charge at other services.

But it will not be a problem anymore because Let's Internet Japan cuts all of those unncessary processes for you.

Pocket WiFi

Rental Price

5,760 JPY/ 30 days



Rental Price

8,660 JPY/ 30 days



Rental Price

7,380 JPY/ 30 days


Pros of Long Term Rental

  • No need for of
    over two years.

  • Minimum of 120 days,
    free to cancel any time
    after that.

  • Much more affordable
    than renewing short
    term rental!!

Pocket WiFi / iPhone / Android

Reliable Internet Connection in Japan!


Rent a Pocket WiFi

261Mbps High Speed and
*Unlimited Data usage
with Advanced mode
No Installation required

*You can enjoy unlimited data access with Advanced mode. But if Standard mode is used and the data usage exceeds 7GB, connection is throttled and the speed of the connection will not return during the calendar month even if it is changed back to Advanced mode. Additionally, sometime you may experience slow speed once data usage reaches 10GB within 3 days.

Rent an iPhone5s to GO

The lowest rate of just 8,660 yen/30 days
with 7GB/month internet access in Japan
Free domestic calls to any carrier
Best rate for international calls with Telink.
Free Incoming Calls

google phone nexus5

Rent a Nexus 5

The lowest rate of 7,380 yen/30 days
with 7GB/month internet access in Japan
Free domestic calls to any carries
High Speed and Max 75Mbps

The Best Calling Rate

    with Telink for international calls.


Rental Process